What We Do

Through radio programs and related ministry activities we strive to tell people about Jesus in their own language and to lead them into a life transforming relationship with the one true God.
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Get Involved

There is still a huge number of people who need to hear about Jesus and what he has done for them. Please consider giving your time or resources to help us share the Gospel with them.
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Tee Up

Our 40th Annual Spring Golf Benefit coming up on June 21st is already sold out!

Weekly Devotional

Some babies are born into this world, robust and hearty, weighing ten or more pounds. Others are merely know which one was born large or small. With proper love and care, they grow healthy and strong.
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Where We Work

We have a global focus and are active in a variety of different countries where our ministry activities reach a diversity of people groups.
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We love to share what God is doing through our ministry and how He is impacting the lives of people around the world.
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Upcoming Event

This year, The Tide annual spring promotional events in Canada will consist of Gospel music concerts featuring The Stiff Family from Wellesley, Ontario. The Stiff Family is a family of six who seek to glorify God in their music and in all their endeavors. They’ve been singing and playing together as a family since the fall of 2013. In the Bluegrass tradition they play acoustic stringed instruments that include banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass.
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