In 1946

The Tide ministry began as a local radio broadcast in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, known as The Gospel Tide Hour. Founded by Rev. Charlie Byers, pastor of a church in Chambersburg, the initial mission of The Gospel Tide Hour was to reach the Chambersburg community for Christ.

In 1975

The Tide ministry became international when the original program began airing across Southern Africa. This expansion initiated a gradual shift in emphasis from domestic radio programming to a strong emphasis on global missions. In 1978 the Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association began producing programs in other languages in both Africa and India, using indigenous speakers to share the Gospel message in their own language.

In 2008

Realizing that North American airwaves are saturated with Christian radio programming, The Tide ministry stopped producing an English language program and transitioned its entire focus to meet the great need for indigenous language Christian radio programming in other regions of the world. Today, in addition to producing evangelistic radio programming in numerous languages, the ministry of The Tide includes literature distribution, correspondence courses, discipleship and leadership training activities, and the distribution of radios and media players. The majority of The Tide ministry activities now takes place in relatively undeveloped regions of the world targeting less privileged populations and is accomplished in partnership with like-minded individuals, ministries, indigenous missionaries, and local church movements.