Reading: Hebrews 4:9-16

The Teacher Presents the Examination

Can a man examine himself? Even the medical doctor goes to another for diagnosis and treatment. We are examined by the living word of God and by the Holy Spirit. Our own methods and standards may not be very accurate. We might accuse or excuse where we should not.

The boys of a certain village were all elated because they thought they were tall enough to be in the Queen’s Guard. They were as tall as the tallest man in the vallge. Their joy disappeared fast when they learned that he was too short. It is not wise to measure ourselves by ourselves. The Word is the standard. The Spirit presents the examination. Whenever we compare ourselves to others and judge our abilities against theirs, almost always it ends horribly. The only measure of who we are is who we are in Christ and his model on living.

Search me O God! Reveal the thoughts and intents of my heart. Remove all hinderances. Amen.