Reading: Colossians 3:12-17

Peace. Simply peace. Before you go on reading this, I want you to take a deep breath. In and out. Remember that each breath you take is from God. This passage in Colossians has so many great words to live by. Let them wash over you as you read them.

Everyone in this world searches for peace. Unfortunately, most of them are met with no success. The reason being that true peace only comes from Jesus Christ. We as christians know that, but often find ourselves running ourselves ragged anyway. It’s finals season, and stress lurks around every corner.

It can be hard to imagine a scenario in which you find any peace at all right now. But Jesus calls us to let peace rule our hearts. He is the Prince of Peace. He is asking us to let Him rule our hearts.

The common misconception is that peace comes when nothing bad is going on. Let me be blunt about this; if Jesus can fall asleep and take a nap on a boat during a hurricane, He can give you peace during finals, during stressful times, or whatever else you may face.

He not only can give you peace, He wants to. His heart is for you, and flows deep with love for you. It breaks His heart to see His children running themselves ragged when His arms are open wide for peace and rest.

Peace is simple. All it takes is running to God and trusting Him with your hurricane. Even if He doesn’t calm the storm right away, He can give you rest in the midst of it.

What is taking away your peace lately? Pray that God would give you peace and rest and remember that He is so much bigger than those things. Take a deep breath. You will be okay because God has you in His heart.