Very simply, The Tide is inviting people to accept the challenge to ask at least ten people during the coming year if they have heard what Jesus did for them.  If someone responds that they have not heard, the door is then opened to share God’s plan of salvation or your own testimony and invite the person to your church.  If the response is “Yes, I know Jesus,” then you can rejoice in meeting a fellow Christ follower and invite that person to join you and The Tide in this campaign. To help you reach out to people, we will provide you with some simple resources. We will also help to hold you accountable by periodically contacting you to hear how the challenge is going for you.  Are you willing to take the challenge? If so, register here.  Together let’s make a difference in our neighborhoods and communities by introducing more and more people to Jesus!


We created these resources to help you talk to others about Jesus, especially those who don’t believe in Him. Keep checking back here because we are adding more soon!