With a population of almost 115 million, Nigeria is the most highly populated country in Africa, and has an incredibly diverse population. There are over 470 different languages in use in Nigeria and many Nigerians don’t currently have the opportunity to hear about Jesus in their own language.

In 2009 The Tide® began broadcasting in Nigeria using the Efik language, and since then has been steadily adding programs in more languages. We currently have programming in 11 different Nigerian languages that have the potential to be heard by millions of people who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

An important aspect of The Tide ministry in Nigeria is our “Radios for Nigeria” project.  Although the country is rich in agricultural land, mineral resources, and oil reserves, a third of the population lives below the poverty line and are too poor to buy a radio. As people give towards this project The Tide ministry places radios in villages throughout Nigeria.  Most of these radios are being given to village leaders or the heads of extended families.  Through these radios many people are now hearing the Gospel message in their own language and responding positively to God’s offer of salvation.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and more than half of the population has no idea how Jesus Christ can change their lives.

The Tide reaches millions of lost people through our radio programs produced in indigenous languages throughout South Asia, India and Africa. In 2009, we began broadcasting in Nigeria using the Efik language, which is spoken and understood by approximately two million Nigerian people. Nigeria is home to over 490 ethnic groups and 470 indigenous languages. Whole families and towns gather daily around a single radio to listen to the Word of God.

We have been providing Christian radio programming in eleven Nigerian heart languages, and now will be supplying radios to allow more people to tune in to these broadcasts

Extreme poverty is rampant in Nigeria, causing many families to not have supplies for basic needs, espcially something as basic as a radio. To address that need and provide opportunities for people of all economic platforms to hear about Jesus Christ, we supply radios to allow more people to tune in to these broadcasts which will help strengthen and build the Nigerian church and encourage Nigerian Christians not only to mature in their faith, but to boldly continue in their mission efforts to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

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“If it was not for your Efik radio program, I would not be a Christian now. I started listening to the program when I was seeking answers and found them in your ministry and preaching of various messages. Your programs make the word come alive as it should. A year ago, I surrendered to Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel.”
- Udofia

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