We broadcast in eleven Nigerian heart languages, and also supply radios to allow more people to tune in.

Nigeria is a huge mission field

With a population of almost 115 million people, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, and although the country is rich in agricultural land, mineral resources, and oil reserves a third of the population lives below the poverty line. Nigeria is located just below the African segment of the 10/40 window which is comprised primarily of Muslim countries. The Islamic influence extends down into Nigeria, and the northern part of Nigeria is primarily Muslim, but Christianity has taken root in the south. The church in Nigeria is in an ideal position to launch mission outreaches into the unevangelized northern areas and is hard at work spreading the truth about Jesus Christ.

This country, once known as the white man’s graveyard because so many missionaries from Europe and America were affected by tropical fevers there, is now sending out Nigerian missionaries. In 2009 The Tide® began broadcasting in Nigeria using the Efik language. Approximately two million Nigerian people speak and understand Efik. Our prayer is that our broadcasts, and the literature and tapes that we distribute there in Nigeria, will help to strengthen and build the Nigerian church and encourage Nigerian Christians not only to mature in their faith, but to boldly continue in their mission efforts to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

Thanks to listener requests and your support, we have been able to expand our Nigerian outreach to include Christian radio ministries in Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa - three major languages in Nigeria. Hausa is considered by many to be the official language of Islam in Nigeria and The Tide Hausa language radio program has been instrumental in leading many Muslims into a life changing relationship with Jesus.  Yoruba is the heart language for approximately 30 million people and is used as the official language in western Nigeria.  The Tide Igbo language broadcast has the porential to be heard by approximately 20 million people in south east Nigeria.

With approximately 470 languages in use in Nigeria there are still many Nigerians who don't currently have the opportunity to hear about Jesus in their own language.  To address this deficiency The Tide ministry began producing a radio program in the Ijaw language in January 2011.  There are ten to fourteen million Ijaw people who live primarily in the Niger Delta and currently have no Christian radio ministry available to them. With the addition of the Ijaw language, millions of people are now able to hear the gospel in their own language!  In 2012, The Tide added two additional 'heart language' broadcast in Nigeria.  The Annang language broadcast is able to reach 2 million people in the southeast.  The southeastern coast is home to 5 million who speak Ibibio, our second language addition.  In central Nigeria are the Tiv people group of 4 million who primarily rely on agriculture for commerce and life.  The Tide added the Tiv 'heart language' broadcast in 2013.

In November, 2014, the Nupe radio program was added in the western part of central Nigeria where Islam is predominant among various sects.  The Amo and Agwagwune are small people groups, numbering 79,500 and 34,500.  While the Agwagwune have been exposed to Christianity, they practice Christianity in name only, not belief.  While the Amo primarily practice a form of Islam.  These two languages were added in Nigeria during January, 2015

An important aspect of The Tide ministry in Nigeria is our "Radios for Nigeria" project.  Many people in Nigeria live in poverty and are too poor to buy a radio.  With the help of generous contributors The Tide ministry is endeavoring to place at least one radio in every village throughout Nigeria.  Most of these radios are being given to village leaders or the heads of extended families.  Through these radios many people are now hearing the Gospel message in their own language and responding positively to God's offer of salvation. One example is the story of A*., a 73 year old Yoruba speaking Muslim leader in his community.  At the age of 43 he made his first pilgrimage to Mecca, and then continued making that pilgrimage every year from 1978 until 2009.  Through The Tide "Radios for Nigeria" project A , being an influential person in his community, was selected to receive the gift of a radio and encouraged to listen to the programs we are broadcasting in the Yoruba language.  As he listened to God's truth being declared in his own language this esteemed elder had his eyes opened, repented from a lifetime of devotion to false teachings, and embraced Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior!  The simple gift of a radio opened the door for A. to receive God's incredible gift of salvation.

*Identities are protected for security reasons*

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