Albania was under communist rule until the early 1990's.  During this time, the government went to great effort to remove all spirtiual influences from daily liviing by having many churches, temples and mosques demolished long with even removing "God" from the dictionary.

Currently, Christians make up less then one percent of the population in Albania where many Albanians continue to identify with Islam or are atheists.

Early in 2014, Radio 7’s founder contacted The Tide® to request assistance in establishing a radio-based church planting ministry in Albania. While Radio 7 has been airing since 2002,  the majority of its programs are translations of North American radio programs primarily focusing on believers. The Tide has the capability to produce programs in the native language of Albanians that will reach out to the many unbelievers in that nation. 

In addition to broadcasting in Albania, Radio 7 has a station in neighboring Kosovo, which opens the door for another Albanian program, where the population is mainly Albanian.

The Tide radio global ministry began three Albanian heart language programs throughout Albania and Kosovo in January 2015.

Ministry Updates from Albania and Kosovo