Albania - India - Nepal - Thailand - Zimbabwe - Vision 2016

Suggestion Donation: $10

Your gift can help The Tide achieve the following goals in 2016 -  our 70th anniversary year!

Additional day of programming in the Albanian language 

- This year The Tide began working with three Albanian pastors to produce and air radio programs in two major cities in Albania and also in one city in Kosovo where Albanian is the official language. The pastor in Shkoder, Albania is producing and airing 2 programs each week, but the current budget only provides for one day per week for each of the other pastors in their respective cities.  The goal is to enable The Tide to provide the resources for the pastors in Tirana and Kosovo to each add a second day of programming every week. This will potentially increase the number of people who tune in and hear the Gospel message.

Implement Isaan language in Thailand 

- The Tide has entered into an agreement with a ministry partner in Thailand to produce and air Gospel messages in the Isaan language. Recording and production has been initiated and the goal is to begin airing the programs in 2016. (You can find a bit more information about this people group by clicking here) This will greatly assist the work of the partner agency in Thailand that is working to make disciples and plant house churches among the Isaan people.

Completion of the new studio in Zimbabwe 

- Ten years ago The Tide began planning to expand the outreach of its work in Southern Africa and to also enable its ministry partners there to become self-sufficient. It has been a long frustrating journey working through red tape and setbacks, but construction of a new studio has finally been initiated.  The foundation has been put in and the concrete floor will soon be poured.  The hope is to complete construction in 2016. Unfortunately the high rate of inflation in Zimbabwe has greatly increased the cost of this project and there is still a need for an additional $60,000.00 to complete the studio.  Once completed it will provide a venue for additional language programming to be produced, and will also enable The Tide partner ministry in Zimbabwe to offer commercial audio recording and production services to raise funds to become a self-supporting local ministry.

Establish a Church Planter in Bangladesh 

- The Tide Bengali radio program can be heard via shortwave in Bangladesh, but up to this point The Tide has only been working among the Bengali people of Northern India.  There is great potential to change lives and plant churches in Bangladesh.  The Tide vision is to support a full time Christian worker in Bangladesh to disciple Bengali listeners in that country and engage in church planting there.

Add a discipleship worker among the Tharu in Nepal 

- At the present, the pastor who is the speaker on The Tide Tharu language radio program in Nepal is attempting to keep up with listener care while also shepherding his own congregation.  The Tide desires to support a dedicated discipleship worker who would have greater freedom in traveling throughout the Tharu region to disciple listeners and plant more churches among the Tharu people.

Initiate a Telugu language radio program in India 

- The Tide has identified a pastor and Church group in Andhra Pradesh, India who are working to plant churches among the remote villages in that  region. Within the next year The Tide hopes to be able to have the resources to get a Telugu language radio program on the air.  There is a need financially in order to bring the pastor to The Tide studio in India to record Telugu language radio programs, and also to be able to purchase airtime to broadcast the programs so that more Telugu people can hear about Christ.