India - Santali

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With almost 8 million in population, the Santal tribe is the largest tribe of eastern India. The majority of the Santals live in northeast India, but also extend into Bangladesh and Nepal. Most prefer to live deep in the forests and are among the poorest in the nation of India. They rely on subsistence farming supplemented by hunting and gathering for their survival.

Each week we air two programs in the Santali language: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The name of these programs is "Marsal Dahar, meaning “Path of Life.”  The literacy rate is relatively low among the Santals and our radio broadcasts play a very important role in helping them to know about Jesus Christ and the life He has to offer. With your help we can continue to free these socially oppressed people from their traditional beliefs and guide them on to the true path of life.

Cost: $180 per broadcast