India - Odiya

Suggestion Donation: $10

Many people come to know Christ through the Shanti Data radio program, which has also become an instrumental church planting tool.

Odiya is one of the fourteen official languages of India, and is the main language spoken in the Indian state of Odisha (previously called Orissa). The first Odiya program we began broadcasting in is called, “Shanti Data,” which means Giver of Peace.  We began airing Shanti Data in 1990 and there has been a huge response to the program.

Odisha is a part of India where churches and Christians have come under great persecution and yet many people are responding to our Biblical broadcasts. Our broadcasts provide a crucial ministry to these people, because 51% of the population of Odisha is illiterate.  For many of them, the only way they will ever know about Jesus Christ is through hearing the gospel message. Despite the persecution, people are responding to our broadcasts and turning to Jesus Christ as the Giver of Peace who offers the hope of eternal life.

Cost: $180/broadcast