India - Kui

Suggestion Donation: $10

One of the seven Indian languages we are currently broadcasting in India is the Kui language. In 1994 Kui was designated as a World by Radio language, which means that it is a language spoken by more than a million people and that there was no radio broadcasts available in that language. The Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association was the first ministry to offer a radio broadcast to these people.

The name of our Kui program is "Ehpa Gatanju" which simply means "Savior." Most of the Kui people live in small villages in the Indian state of Odisha, and the majority of them have never heard about Jesus Christ. Our goal is to introduce the Kui people to Jesus Christ so that they can accept him as their Savior. Although less than one percent of the Kui people are Christians, our office in Cuttack reports that we are making progress as many Kui are responding to the Gospel, and churches are being planted among these spiritually hungry people.

Cost: $180 per broadcast