India - Ho

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The Ho people are generally very poor and rely on the forest to supply their needs

Ho is a World by Radio language that we have been broadcasting in India since 2001. Numbering just over 1 million, the Ho are a relatively small people group located in the states of Odisha and Bihar in India. Although many people would classify the Ho people as low caste, they actually consider themselves to be a separate tribe and not part of the Hindu caste system. In fact the word Ho means “man” in their language and according to their traditional beliefs all other groups of people are foreigners or outsiders and not true men.

About a third of the Ho people follow the Hindu belief system but they differ from other Hindu people in that they will eat beef. The majority of them are animists who believe that animals and other objects of nature have spirits and represent gods. Each clan has their own god to worship who might be represented by a snake, monkey, or other animal. They also believe that when people die their spirits return to live with the family and that everything that happens to them, whether good or bad is a direct result of how well these spirits have been treated and how much respect is shown to them.

Most of the Ho people live in jungle areas because they are repressed under the predominantly Hindu social structure of India. They are generally very poor and rely on the forest to supply their needs. Although they are proud, fiercely independent people, they live with very little hope. They are people who desperately need to hear of the hope that Jesus Christ offers. Up to this point there has been very little ministry to the Ho people so our Ho broadcast, called "Jeevan Roti" (meaning "Bread of Life") may be the only chance these people have to hear about the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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