Nigeria - Hausa

Suggestion Donation: $10

With the early success of the Efik language radio broadcast and listener requests for languages, The Tide began broadcasting the Hausa language program in Nigeria in April 2009. Hausa is the official language of Islam in Nigeria. Since then much feedback has come from Muslim listeners and they are yearning to hear the Truth and be free from wickedness and bondage.

One man at the age of 35 was told by his family that his dead family members chose him to be the family ancestral spirit priest. For twenty years he carried this weight and responsibility of being the family ancestral spirit priest believing that if he would abandon the position he would surely die. Fortunately, he heard the radio broadcast in his own language and learned that Jesus Christ paid the price for him to walk away from the ancestral spirit priesthood and still live. He was visited by someone who was able to visit and help him learn more about God. Though it wasn't easy going against his family's beliefs, he began to walk into a relationship with Jesus. Now he worships God with a group of fellow believers in his community.

A Muslim man heard The Gospel Tide radio program while traveling with a herd of cows for sale. His belief in Jihad was challenged by the message of hope and peace that only Christ could provide. With a restless spirit, he finally made up his mind to call the number at the end of the broadcast to seek more information. He now finds rest in Christ.

Because of the gospel, sent out through The Tide radio broadcasts, many Muslims are embracing Christianity with its message of Love and peace. ($90 per broadcast)