Nigeria - Efik

Suggestion Donation: $10

The Tide Efik language radio program is helping to build God's Kingdom in Nigeria.

It makes an incredible impact when people can hear the Gospel in their own language, shared by someone of their own culture.  Efik was the first heart language radio program The Tide ministry began using to reach the people of Nigeria. Numerous responses from listeners have included many words of appreciation for the ability to hear the Gospel in their own language and indicate that they now see God as a personal, relevant God rather than a foreign entity.

An example of a listener response from Nigeria is this letter:

"Thank you for reaching us in the Efik language.  I now have a comforter, God in my own language. When I first heard your program I did not believe my ears until I heard it the second and third time.  My desire has been fulfilled since I can now hear God in my own language."

Cost: $90 per broadcast