India - Bengali

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Letters from listeners indicate that both the program and correspondence courses are instrumental in leading many Bengali people to Christ.

There are 1,658 languages in India of which 14 are considered official languages by the government. Bengali is one of those 14 languages and is spoken by over 9% of the population of India.The Bengali speaking people make up the fourth largest people group in India. Approximately 60% of Bengalis are Muslims and the majority of the remaining are Hindus. At the moment less than 1% of the Bengalis are Christians. Most live in north east India, but there are also many Bengali speaking people in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Our "Amar Bani" (meaning "Eternal Voice") program covers all of these areas and has the potential to reach up to two million Bengalis. The program is aired once each week and generates a lot of interest in Christianity.

In conjunction with this broadcast we also offer correspondence courses. These courses are designed to help people understand God’s word and His plan of salvation, and also to disciple new believers and help them grow in their faith. Letters from listeners indicate that both the program and the correspondence courses are greatly appreciated and are instrumental in guiding many Bengali people to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Cost: $180 per broadcast