Send a Missionary

Suggestion Donation: $25

Those who participate in our short term mission trips are responsible to provide for the cost of their participation and are encouraged to do this by asking for contributions from people who will not only help meet the financial obligations of the team, but will also commit to praying for the team while they are on mission.  By helping to meet the financial needs of team members you are making it possible for them to minister to emerging leaders and helping to provide a valuable resource to leaders in other countries who need the benefit and encouragement they receive from participating in The Tide Leader to Leader Seminars.  Donations can be made in $25.00 increments. To give a larger amount simply increase the number of units you wish to give on the contribution page.  If more funds are received than needed for team expenses the excess will be used to sponsor less privileged pastors and leaders in other countries who otherwise could not afford to the cost of traveling to The Tide Leader to Leader Seminars in their own countries.