July 24, 2015

New Outlets for The Tide®

The Tide® mission is to creatively share the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships. Thanks to new partnerships with Trans World Radio and Missions Radio we can further our mission through new outlets.

Our decision in 2010 to cease production of The Tide English language radio program in order to focus on spreading the Gospel in other regions of the world has been strongly supported, but people often mention how much they miss listening to The Tide English language radio program. Thanks to a partnering agreement with Trans World Radio (TWR360) you can now listen to a variety of archived Gospel Tide Radio programs online. Some of these message were originally aired over a decade ago, but they contain refreshing truths from God's enduring Word. Just visit www.thetide.org/english where you can select from a list of programs titles to listen to, spoken by Reverend Dwayne Potteiger. Check back often as more episodes will be added each month to increase your listening options.

In addition, we are equally pleased to announce a new venture in partnership with Missions Radio. Missions Radio is a like-minded organization that also places a high priority on partnering in ministry to make a global impact for Christ. As an internet radio station Missions Radio can be heard anywhere in the world where internet access is available. By providing free airtime for The Tide heart language radio programs, Missions Radio will greatly expand our reach and create the potential to share the gospel with a whole new demographic segment of society that we are currently not reaching with traditional methods of broadcasting. For example, Ndebele people who have emigrated from Zimbabwe into South Africa, Europe, North America and numerous other countries that are outside of the current short-wave broadcast coverage of The Tide Ndebele language radio programs will now be able to listen to radio programming in their own language regardless of where they live.  In addition to The Tide Ndebele language programs Missions Radio has committed to a process of adding additional language programming to share the gospel with other people groups. This initiative will make it possible to reach a large number of people in various regions of the world who live in highly urbanized areas and are increasingly turning to the internet for media content. Praise God for opening these doors for Missions Radio and Trans World Radio to work together with The Tide ministry to change hearts and lives around the globe

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