July 3, 2013

Lives Changed in Nigeria

Nigeria has been featured frequently in the news recently due to the continuing tension in Northern Nigeria between Christians and Muslims as well as the violent action of the militant group called the Boko Haram.  Even amidst safety concerns, The Tide© partners in Nigeria continue to serve through traveling evangelism tours as well as the ongoing radio broadcasts.  The Tide is currently airing Biblical teaching in eight languages across Nigeria and surrounding areas.  These messages are touching people in a variety of relevant ways.  They best way to demonstrate to you the impact of The Tide radio programs in Nigeria is to share testimonies from listeners in their own words.

Through your radio program I have learned that with Jesus, everything works. Nobody who walks with Jesus needs to suffer frustration. I joined the church July last year.  That was six weeks after God miraculously healed my baby who was bleeding from the umbilical cord. It was a hard decision as a devoted Muslim in Bayelsa State of Nigeria. The sermon (radio message) was on 'Believe in the only name that saves'. This brought me face to face with what I had been believing.  Against all odds in my family and Muslim members, I now proclaim Christianity as my way of life. Thank you for ministry and support!” –Mr. O, Ijaw Language

“I thought l was following the path not knowing that the broad way would lead me into a dungeon. I was a free lady who did not believe that a woman could be happier if she follows the truth of the Gospel. Thanks be to God for the recent radio crusade of your ministry whose theme was 'Not too late to find Him.'  I know I was not fine on the inside as the crusade radio promo kept coming and I felt it was God speaking to my heart.  I feel relieved as I listened to that crusade. I need your prayers more than ever before.” –Miss A, Yoruba Language

“Let me thank you for bringing God's words to us in the prison. I am not ashamed to confess my sins. I have been a criminal since age 16. I joined a criminal gang which has destroyed my life.  Now l am 48 and am still involved in crimes. I am in prison for car theft.  My family members have all deserted me.  I am a drug addict and involved in smoking.  My purpose of making this public confession is to solicit your intercession.  My life is in a mess and I feel like I am about to die. I joined this notorious gang in armed robbery and I had been terrorizing the neighborhood always. I have been involved in various felonies and misdemeanors.  I need salvation.  Please kindly pray for me.  I can’t sleep because my action has robbed me of sleep and now I have insomnia. I thank you so much for your prayer. I feel relieved. Before now it seemed like I was going to suffocate and slump. I am to spend 5 more year as a prisoner. Find time to repeat this visit. This prayer has given me immense joy and happiness. My heart is full of joy. Tell my story everywhere. This ministry has been a blessing to my life.” –Mr. E, Efik Language (As shared on a Prison Ministry visit)

“I am a native of Birmin Gwari; the place you are preaching the Christian Gospel through radio.  I like your courage and like the word of the message of peace and oneness which you bring to us in this locality.  Tell others of the peace and tranquility which you have witnessed.  Many believe that Boko Haram fanatics have swallowed up Nigeria. These terrorists to my mind are not Nigerians. I am a Muslim but we don't like what they are doing in 'Allah's name.'  They also bomb mosques. These terrorists penetrate our far East borders.  Happily it will soon end. You see, we eat together with you. We are one. Thank you for your gift of radios to our less privileged ones.  Spread the news of peace." –Mr. I, Hausa Language

“My testimony is of a life transformed from mental agony and attempted suicide to knowing God and experiencing his presence.  My life had taken a sudden down turn. In my anguish, I tried to end it all. I took a gun, a bottle of alcohol, and swallow a whole bottle of pills. I drove out with no intention of returning. It was time to end my life.  Then God made himself known to me in a strange and miraculous manner. At the point of execution in the plan to end my life, I decided to park my car and get into a nearby bush but God intervened. I was about to switch off the car when a radio speaker in my car radio ask people to send in their prayer requests. The alcohol and the pills tortured me till I fell asleep in my car. I woke up after two hours and returned home weary. The following week I listened again and contacted the speaker through his phone number which he gave over the air. We agreed on a meeting spot where I was counseled. Today I don't want to die any longer. The prayer and the Word changed my circumstance and I now live for God. Thank you for your ministry.” –Mr. U, Igbo Language

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