October 6, 2011

Introducing The Ambassador Program

Do you have a passion for international media-based missions work, a commitment to your local church, and a desire to join a team of people to promote the ministry of The Tide in your community? Then we are looking for you!

The Tide is seeking a representative from each local church congregation who would be willing to make a one year commitment to serving the ministry of The Tide by acting as an Ambassador to their congregation and the local community on behalf of the work of the international radio ministry. This exciting opportunity has been created to expand the impact of the Gospel Tide Auxiliary whose members have been helping to promote and support The Tide ministry for several decades.

The Tide Ambassadors act as contact persons and conduits through whom The Tide ministry can share pertinent information. Following the heritage established by the auxiliary, The Tide Ambassadors will continue to be the heart behind our annual events and fundraisers—like our Holiday Nut Sale, semi-annual Hamloaf Sale, Summer Yard Sale—and events, such as our yearly Appreciation Banquet and Golf Benefit. They are also a vital resource to the staff of The Tide, providing feedback and sharing ideas at semi-annual meetings with other Ambassadors in their local area.

Just as the Body of Christ is an international community of believers everywhere, we rely on the prayerful support of believers in the United States for the international efforts to be completed in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, India, and Nepal. The Ambassadors play a huge role in encouraging their churches to be praying on behalf of the ministry of The Tide.  A practical way of doing this is introducing church members to our regular newsletters, prayer updates, and communications.

We also depend on the eyes and ears of our Ambassadors to identify other community members who may have an interest in the ministry of The Tide. To continue what we do, it is vital to be developing an interest in missions in the younger generations and encouraging them to be involved as well.

If you are interested in taking on this important role or have any questions, please contact us in the office to learn more. We would love to speak to you about how you can join the Ambassador program today!

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