August 17, 2015

The Tide® Radio Ministry Helping Christianity Reach Muslim Nations of Albania and Kosovo

Before the fall of Communism, government leaders in Albania destroyed churches, temples and mosques, and even removed the word “God” from dictionaries. Yet people in Albania and neighboring Kosovo are now learning about—and being touched by—Jesus and the gospel messages from The Tide®  global radio ministry and its Albanian-language programs, launched in early 2015.

These people, who live in predominantly Muslim nations, may have never heard about God without The Tide ministry’s programs and the Albanian radio pastors who visit and pray with them.

“Like all of our programming, The Tide ministry’s Albanian-language program is produced on site, using indigenous speakers who tell people about Jesus in the language they were born to speak,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “But our ministry in Albania also goes beyond the airwaves, and our ministry leaders invest in the lives of those to whom they minister, visiting with them, giving them radios so they can listen to the program, praying with them and encouraging them in their faith.”

In addition to producing global gospel radio programming in 23 heart languages around the world, The Tide ministry gives radios to people in remote villages in Africa and Asia so they can listen to the programs. Thousands of generous people across the United States have enabled The Tide radio programs to thrive and expand into even more countries through the “Sponsor a Radio” program that helps further projects like The Tide ministry’s Radios for Nigeria and Radios for India. Details on The Tide “Sponsor a Radio” program can be found at

The Tide ministry is also planning its annual promotional dinners for September, where attendees can learn more about its areas of service and ways to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world. Events in Pennsylvania are planned for Mechanicsburg, Chambersburg, Lancaster, Souderton and Mifflintown. For more information,">visit

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