March 30, 2015

Indian Physician Shows Impact One Life Can Have

Physicians are known for having little free time, but one doctor in India wanted to use his free time to make a difference. Two years ago, Dr. K. began volunteering with The Tide® radio ministry in India, leading medical camps and distributing radios to two people groups in the Central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

Today, villagers in that area are sharing how their lives have been changed through Dr. K. work.

“As we prepare to celebrate Easter in just a few days, we are incredibly encouraged and amazed at how God is using individuals such as Dr. K. to share the truth about Christ’s resurrection and the salvation offered in Jesus,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Regardless of your career or your location, God is looking for men and women who are passionate about serving Him and who are willing to invest their time for the sake of souls.”

Those who listen to The Tide radio programming via the radios Dr. K. distributed are sharing their stories of gratitude.

One listener wrote:

We are a small group of 14-15 people, who gather together in one of our friend’s house to listen to the Nav Jeevan radio broadcast in Hindi. Thank you for sending a radio to us through Dr.K. We all gather every Saturday evening and listen to the … program… and it has blessed us very much. Dr.K. also comes to our place, whenever it’s possible for him, and teaches us from the word of God. This is our request to pray for us that we all may grow in our faith every day and (that) others may also join our group. Send us some helpful literature.

And another wrote:

Today, I am very happy to write to you from a hilly area of Chhattisgarh. On behalf of our small group, I extend our thanks to Good News Hour for giving us a radio through Dr. K. Now we are 15 people who listen to the Aap Ke Liye radio program with great interest. Please pray for us and send some literature/booklets so that we may grow in the knowledge of Jesus the Lord. With thanks.

“The Tide ministry is unique in that we share the Gospel through programming produced on-site, using indigenous speakers who tell people about Jesus in the language they were born to speak,” Shenk added. “One reason Dr. K. is able to have such an impact is that he is ministering among his fellow countrymen and is able to communicate with them in their language. This is so powerful, and we are grateful that God placed in Dr. K. the desire to serve and that he heeded God’s voice and is now not only working with our partner ministry in India, the Good News Hour, but also actually has joined the ministry as part of its leadership team.”

As the world’s second most populous nation, India remains a large harvest field for the Gospel. The Tide radio ministry is dedicated to reaching people in India with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, and since 1978, The Tide radio programming has been broadcasting in India.

The Tide ministry’s first broadcast in India was in the Hindi language, and today, The Tide radio ministry in India includes seven languages: Kurukh, Santali, Odiya, Kui, Hindi, Ho and Bengali. All of these programs are produced on-site in India in The Tide studio, using indigenous speakers who can effectively communicate the message of Christ to people in their mother tongue.

The mission of The Tide ministry is to creatively share the good news of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships.  The Tide ministry is working diligently to expand its Christian broadcasts in more languages across the globe.

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Our ministry in India has grown from a single Hindi language broadcast to include radio programs in seven Indian languages with plans to include more people groups in the future.

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