October 8, 2012

Holiday Sales Help Fund The Tide

One of the many ways that you can help introduce people in other regions of the world to Jesus is to assist The Tide ministry financially.  The majority of The Tide annual budget is met through generous donations from people who desire to use The Tide as a vehicle to carry their faith into the world, but a significant amount is also provided through fundraisers such as The Tide holiday nut sale and ham loaf sale.  The holiday nuts sold by The Tide are very popular and are of high quality.  This sale is currently in progress with orders being accepted until November 5, for November 9 pick up at The Tide office.  The nuts are sold in one pound packages with prices as follows;

Pecan halves $10.00
Light Walnut pieces $  8.50
Dark Walnut pieces $10.00
Mixed Nuts (No peanuts) $  9.50
Giant Whole Cashews $10.00
Roasted Whole Almonds $  7.00
Pistachios $  9.00

The ham loaf and pork barbeque sale will begin in late October with final orders due by November 26 and pick up date on December 5 at Chambersburg BIC.  The ham loaf prices are as follows:

Ham Loaf $8.75
Pork Barbeque  $10.00

We are still in need of Ambassadors in many congregations to help us promote these fundraisers. Ambassadors have a few different roles in the ministry of The Tide. One of the roles is to act as the contact person for our annual fundraisers such as the Holiday Nut Sale and Christmas and Easter Ham Loaf Sale. These people will be provided information for both the promotion and collection of orders for the sales. In addition to being a contact person, ambassadors also play a vital part in praying for our ministry. Through website updates, weekly e-mails, and articles, ambassadors can help encourage their congregation to be praying for different aspects of The Tide ministry. The last role for our ambassadors is to help us locate other community members who may have an interest in partnering with The Tide ministry. We cannot be everywhere to identify other individuals that may be interested in The Tide, that’s why ambassadors are so important! If you would like a more in-depth look at the Ambassador Program, please click here. If you feel you would like to become an ambassador for The Tide contact The Tide office at (717)375-2057.

You can get more information about these fundraisers through The Tide Auxiliary member or The Tide Ambassador to your congregation.  If there is no representative in your congregation please contact The Tide office directly at  (717) 375-2057 for information on these fundraisers. We appreciate your willingness to help enable us to touch lives around the world with the gospel message!

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