April 13, 2015

“Have You Heard?” Campaign Changing Lives for Christ

The last command Jesus gave before returning to heaven—to tell others about him—is often the last thing on Christians’ minds. With the busyness of life, from work and family commitments to errands and even ministry obligations, many Christians neglect their responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Tide® global radio ministry is doing something about this. Through its “Have You Heard” Campaign, The Tide ministry is encouraging Christians to use their daily routines not as an excuse but as a means of telling others about Christ.

“Every day, we interact with people who don’t know Jesus or what He has done for them,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk, “whether the clerk at the convenience store, the CPA preparing our taxes, the coach of our children’s sports teams or the owners of the local laundromat. We have constant opportunities to tell people about Jesus. The question is, ‘Are we doing it?' The ‘Have You Heard’ Campaign invites believers to use these daily interactions to ask one simple question: ‘Have you heard what Jesus did for you?’”

Those who sign up for the “Have You Heard” Campaign commit to asking ten people this question over the next 12 months. And The Tide ministry encourages those who take the challenge to share their stories.

As one person shared, “Your program encouraged me to be more open about my religion and also make new friends on the way. I’m excited to tell you that after I told someone about Jesus, we became very good friends, and we go to youth group every Sunday and Wednesday night.”

“We are so encouraged by messages like this because they mean more people are hearing the good news of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them,” Shenk added. “The question isn’t whether we have the opportunity to share Jesus with others; the question is whether we will use the opportunities God has given us. I hope many more people will join us in asking the simple question, ‘Have you heard what Jesus did for you?’”

The Tide ministry invites Christians to sign up for the “Have You Heard?” Campaign. Millions of people live their lives every day without knowing about the hope and peace of Jesus Christ. “Have You Heard?” challenges individuals to ask just ten people throughout the course of the next year if they have heard what Jesus did for them.

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