August 31, 2015

Gospel of Jesus Christ Delivers Hope to Albanians through The Tide® Radio Ministry

People in Albania are now learning about—and being touched by—Jesus and the gospel messages from The Tide® global radio ministry and its Albanian-language programs, launched in early 2015.

Andi, a police officer in Albania, wrote to The Tide ministry to say that he listens to the Albanian-language radio program at work and at home. Andi had experienced a pressing family problem, and he and his wife were desperate for a solution. God spoke to him while listening to the radio, so Andi sought out the local pastor and God answered his family’s prayers. He said, “It was only a miracle that God saved us. Now we have started to believe as a family and we pray when we are together. Thanks to the programs, we are blessed. God is good.”

“It’s testimonies like this that drive home the truth that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives and give hope to those who have none,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Through our new Albanian-language radio program, we are hearing stories from real people like Andi of how they have found hope, peace and new life in Jesus Christ. Many things promise hope in this life, but only one thing—the Gospel—delivers hope that is eternal.”

Petrit, an elderly man, is another who listens to the Albanian radio programs. He said, “My time here [in the retirement home] is long and I have nothing important to do, so the radio [from The Tide ministry] helps me to not feel alone. Before, I was in the military and I like order. I have come to understand that God wants us to live in order with Him.”

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