March 2, 2015

Gospel Message Changing Lives in India

Most of us listen to the radio on a daily basis, whether it is on our commute to work, fixing dinner or doing homework.  Do you really hear what is being broadcast over the air waves or are we just hearing the "noise".

For one man in India, however, this is exactly what happened through the ministry of The Tide®  heart-language radio programming. The man comes from a non-Christian family. And one day, he went to another village to a friend’s house, where he heard the radio message of Jesus Christ for the first time.

Although he did not pay much attention to it that day, the seed of the Gospel message was planted, and when he later heard The Tide radio programming at his own home, his heart was ready, and he believed in Jesus Christ.

“We often receive testimonies of people who have ‘chance’ encounters with Gospel radio programming in their towns and villages,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Of course, we know these truly aren’t circumstantial occurrences but that God is at work. This man’s testimony of coming to a saving belief in Jesus Christ demonstrates that people sometimes need to hear the message more than once before they respond to God’s invitation to them. Hearing the truth about Jesus Christ for the first time planted a seed, and as we know from Isaiah 55:11, the Word of God never returns void but always accomplishes God’s purposes. We praise the Lord for this testimony of a life changed through the power of the Gospel.”

Through The Tide programming, which broadcasts in seven languages in India, this man learned that Jesus Christ died, was raised from death, and is alive forever. After hearing this message, the man now believes in the Lord and is requesting prayer that his faith in God may grow.

In addition to producing programs in heart languages, The Tide ministry gives radios to people in remote villages in Africa and Asia so they can listen to the programs. An alarmingly high number of people across the globe have never heard the message of God’s saving love, due to lack of a simple $40 radio. At the same time, Christianity is growing worldwide, partly because of programs like The Tide radio programs. Thousands of generous people across the United States have enabled The Tide radio programs to thrive and expand into even more countries through the “Sponsor a Radio” program that helps further projects like The Tide Radios for Nigeria and Radios for India.

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Our ministry in India has grown from a single Hindi language broadcast to include radio programs in seven Indian languages with plans to include more people groups in the future.

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