November 25, 2015

Albanian Listener Never Misses The Tide® Radio Ministry’s Program

Earlier this year, The Tide® global radio ministry launched its first Albanian-language Gospel radio program, and now more growth is underway. Already, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is making an impact in this predominantly Muslim nation.

“Without The Tide ministry’s programs, people in Albania and neighboring Kosovo may have never heard about God and his love,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “We are so thankful that people are writing to us about how they are being touched by Jesus and His saving power. While The Tide’s one program in Albania airs two days a week, the ministry’s goal for 2016 is to air its two other Albanian-language programs a second day each week as well. This will potentially increase the number of people who tune in and hear the Gospel message!”

Said one regular Albanian listener, Enis, “I … always have encouraged people to listen and get in tune with God. We live in a world where there is so much to be done. Everyone is busy. I have not missed even one program [and] I think it is a special blessing to listen to an Albanian pastor. God is using this program to share His Word among believers and unbelievers. I’m praying for great fruits for God’s Kingdom.”

Besides, launching additional programming in the Albanian language in both Albania and Kosovo, Shenk recently introduced six other goals for 2016 at The Tide ministry’s annual fundraising dinners. These goals include implementing a program in Thailand, engaging in church planting in Bangladesh, constructing a new studio in Zimbabwe, initiating a radio program in the Telugu language in India and adding a disciple worker in Nepal

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