December 29, 2014

“15 by 2015”: The Tide Global Radio Ministry Closing In on Goal to Add 15 New Languages by 2015

In 2012, The Tide© global radio ministry, which produces heart-language radio programs that tell people about Jesus in the language they were born to speak, set an aggressive goal to introduce programming in 15 new languages by the close of 2015.

It’s all part of Vision 2015, which is helping The Tide carry out its mission to creatively share the good news of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships. Building on the momentum of more than six decades of ministry, The Tide is closing in on its vision and is now just nine languages away from reaching its goal, with several additional new-language programs planned for early 2015.

“There are nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, and nearly one quarter of the world’s population lives within the current range of  The Tide radio programming,” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “Yet, even with today’s global connectivity, there are still thousands upon thousands of people who do not have access to radio programming that tells them the good news of Jesus in their own language. As Scripture asks, ‘How can they call on the One they have not believed in, and how can they believe in One of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?’”

New languages already added as part of Vision 2015 include the Ibibio, Anaang, Tiv and Nupe languages in Nigeria; the Tharu language in Nepal, and the Dzongkha language in Bhutan. Three more new-language broadcasts will launch in January 2015: Amo and Agwagwune in Nigeria as well as Albanian, which will reach not only Albania but also neighboring Kosovo, where the population is mainly Albanian. In addition, programming is also in development in the Telugu language in India.

“When we launched Vision 2015, the Tide had programs in 14 languages,” Shenk continued. “Today, that number is 20, with several more on the immediate horizon. While we are very excited about this growth, Vision 2015 is not about adding new languages simply to reach a numeric goal. It’s about reaching people—each of whom God loves and Christ died for—with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope, peace and assurance found only in Him. Regardless of what language we speak, we all have the same need for Jesus. And everything we do at The Tide, we do with one purpose: to share the good news of Jesus around the world.”

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