Weekly Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for our brothers and sisters in India regarding the death of a church leader there. Earlier this year the church leader was abducted from his home by anti-Christian militants, tied to a tree and shot. Please pray for protection for his wife and children and other believers in that area as they are not safe. Many have fled into the forest to hide.

  • Thailand - Praise God N**, our partner ministry co-worker who will be working with The Tide Isaan radio project, is feeling well and ready to begin recording for our radio programing in Thailand.  Praise God for his  healing touch physically and emotionally.  Continue to pray for spiritual protection over N** as we know that the enemy does not want this major radio/recording project to begin (potential to reach 23 million people).

  • Pray for safety for Radio 7 facilities and staff in Kosovo as they have received threats to stop airing programs in Kosovo.

  • Pray for the individuals who have taken The Tide "Have You Heard?" Challenge, that the Lord uses these individuals to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Continued motivation and opportunity to add new languages to the The Tide® heart-language radio program, so we can reach as many people as possible with the message of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the Tide Expansion Goals for 2016 that the Lord will open doors and provide financial means so all that is accomplished is in accordance with his will.

  • Please pray for improved relations between India and Nepal as the situation since Nepal unveiled its new constitution has been having a negative impact on The Tide ministry in that region.  

  • Pray with us that many more will find hope in Christ and place their confidence in the one true living God as they face additional hardship while recovering from the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year.

  • Pray for our leaders, believers and staff in India. Pray for safety and finances, which are both a concern at this time.

  • Praise Him for meeting all our needs daily.


2016 Prayer Guide

1 India – Protection 
Ask God to protect the lives and property of believers in India where intimidation and violence against Christians is increasing. Pray also for safety for discipleship workers as they travel into various areas to meet with listeners. Ask God to bring about radical transformation in the lives of those oppressing His children. 
 2 Nepal – New FM Outlets
Praise God for bringing all the details together for The Tide Nepali language radio program to be aired on the Himalayan Radio Network. This network of 11 FM stations across Nepal will increase the number of people who can clearly hear the Gospel message.        
 3 Bhutan – Discipleship
Pray for effective ministry to radio listeners in Bhutan as we transition to a broader pool of discipleship workers in Bhutan.  Praise God for connections He has enabled with several pastors in Bhutan who are willing to assist in the very important work of transitioning curious listeners into committed believers who are able to stand firm in their faith.
 4 Zimbabwe – Transition to FM
Praise God for facilitating a favorable contract to air the Ndebele language radio program Amagugu Evangeli via FM in Zimbabwe where listeners have been limited due to the lack of short wave radios on the market. 
 5 Albania – Church Planting
Uphold The Tide ministry partners in Albania where radio pastors are currently meeting with two different listening groups. Pray for success in making disciples of these listeners and in planting churches in each area.
 6 Kosovo – New Program 
Radio 7 in Kosovo opened a new radio station in the city of Gjiakova. Praise God for already providing a qualified and experienced pastor to speak on The Tide Albanian radio program there. Pray for lives of listeners to be touched.
 7 North America - Personnel
Pray for our full time staff in The Tide office and also thank God for all the volunteers who serve in various capacities. Volunteers who help with mailings, act as contact person for a church, or assist during events all fill important roles in sharing the Gospel around the globe.
 8 Nigeria – Radio Speakers
Ask God to use the voices of the speakers on our 11 different language programs in Nigeria to speak His truth into the hearts of listeners. Pray also for the effective administration and oversight of program recording and delivery.
 9 India – Discipleship
Pray for the ministry workers who follow up with interested listeners. Pray for effective communication for those engaged in written correspondence, and for safety for those who conduct meetings with listeners in areas where Christians risk persecution
10 Nepal – Living Conditions
Pray for God’s word to comfort the people of Nepal as they rebuild homes destroyed by earthquakes in 2015 while also struggling economically because of trade difficulties with India now that Nepal has identified itself as a secular nation instead of a Hindu kingdom.
11 North America – 70th Anniversary 
Join us in praising God for all He has done through The Tide ministry since 1946. Ask God to use our celebration of this milestone to build momentum, enthusiasm, and support for future growth and Kingdom impact.
12 Zimbabwe – Studio Construction
Praise God that we began this year with construction of the new studio in progress.  Pray that all the needs are met so that this studio can be completed and is fully functional by the end of 2016. 
13 Albania – Increased Outreach
We have received many testimonies of lives being changed through our radio program in central Albania, so this year we have added a second day of programming in Tirana. Pray that even more people hear the broadcasts and come to know Jesus as their Savior.
14 Kosovo – Boldness for Believers
The strong Muslim presence in Kosovo makes many listeners afraid to openly declare their Christian faith.  Ask God to protect them and empower them to boldly live out, and proclaim to family and friends, their faith in Jesus.
15 Thailand – Isaan Language Program
Our Isaan language project is set to resume this year. Praise God for healing and restoring our Thai ministry partner who is in charge of recording and production, and ask God to use this new outreach to touch many hearts. 
16 USA – Board of Directors
Ask God for wisdom and direction for The Tide Board of Directors in the USA as they focus on strengthening our organizational structure and function in order to more effectively fulfill the Great Commission.  Also pray for people to fill current vacancies on the board.
17 Nigeria - Peace
Pray for God’s message of love, grace, and reconciliation to be clearly heard throughout Nigeria so that the hearts of anti-Christian terrorists may change, and the lives of Christians living in areas where persecution is very prevalent may be protected and spared.
18 India – Recording and Production
Pray God’s blessing on all the recording and production staff and equipment in our studio in India where radio programs in ten different languages are produced and distributed. 
19 North America – Promotion
Praise God for the opportunities He provides to make people aware of The Tide ministry. Pray that He will use our partnership with the Stand Strong Ministries to inspire more people to join hands with us in creatively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide.
20 Nepal – Discipleship
Ask God to provide the right person to assist in follow up ministry to listeners of our Tharu program. The church pastored by our current discipleship worker has grown to the point that he is immersed in congregational ministry and unable to travel freely to disciple listeners.
21 Bhutan – Dzongkha People
Pray for the Gospel messages being shared through The Tide Dzongkha language radio program to bring many people into relationship with Christ in this Buddhist stronghold. 
22 India – Compassion Ministries
Pray for success in expanding the diversity of work performed by our partner ministry in India as they seek to not only meet the needs of people, but also satisfy government mandates to be engaged in social work such as health and education.
23 Zimbabwe – Digital Audio Players
Ask God to facilitate the establishment of a project to distribute solar powered digital audio players with pre-recorded gospel messages and Bible lessons for use in areas where radio signal is weak. 
24 Albania & Kosovo – Radio 7
Praise God for the good work being done by this indigenous ministry that we partner with.  Pray for God’s protection of their broadcasting facilities as they have received threats and face the real possibility of persecution. 
25 Canada – Board of Directors
Thank God for the effective work of the Gospel Tide Board of Directors in Canada. Through their efforts Canadian support for the work of The Tide ministry has been growing. Pray for good health and continued enthusiasm.  Also thank God for our many faithful friends in Canada who give generous financial support.
26 Nigeria – Evangelistic Crusades.
Pray for our ministry partners in Nigeria as they conduct weekend evangelistic campaigns and crusades to connect with radio listeners. Ask God to protect them as they often travel into areas where they risk persecution.
27 India – Telugu Radio Program
Ask God to guide and bless our plan to produce a Telugu language program and have it ready for broadcast sometime this year. Pray for a good working relationship with the Telugu pastor we have identified to work with.
28 Global – Potential New Initiatives
Around the globe there are numerous areas of spiritual need. Current potential opportunities under consideration include new ministry work in Malawi, Mozambique, Tibet, and Pakistan. Ask God to give clear direction on which areas to prioritize.
29 India – Radio Speakers
Praise God for our competent and committed radio speakers in India. We are especially grateful for the young man God has provided to take over the role of our Hindi speaker left vacant when George Lucas passed away.  
30 Nigeria – New Language Proposals
Our partner ministry in Nigeria desires to add programming at a rate of four new languages per year. Pray for wisdom as we process each of these proposals, and ask God to provide the resources to implement what He inspires. 
31 Bhutan – Program Transmission 
Ask God for success in negotiating airtime on FM stations to more effectively reach people in Bhutan where short wave is becoming less viable as SW radios have lost popularity and are seldom available for purchase in Bhutan. 


*Note:  This is an annual general Prayer Guide.  Updates will be periodically sent out via email.  You can register your email address on our website to receive these updates.