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Specific Ways to Give

Donations made on this page will be added to our general ministry fund. See below to learn about more specific ways to give.

Have You Heard Sponsorship

Your sponsorship will cover the costs involved in providing a kit for participation in The Tide "Have You Heard?" challenge. The kit includes a T-shirt, brochures, and a simple guide to sharing the Gospel. You may choose to provide this sponsorship for yourself when you sign up for the challenge, or you may provide this as sponsorship to cover the costs for others to participate.

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Support a Seekers Conference

Help The TIde accomplish its mission statement by supporting a Seekers Conference and helping The Tide disciple believers and equip them to share the good news with others.

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Vision 2016

Your gift can help The Tide achieve the following goals in 2016 - our 70th anniversary year!

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Sponsor a Broadcast

By sponsoring a radio broadcast in one of the heart languages that we broadcast in, you give listeners the opportunity to be introduced to a God who loves them, a God that they might otherwise never know about.

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Sponsor a Radio

We have become increasingly aware that there are many people who may not be hearing the Gospel message because they don’t have radios. Through our "Radios For..." projects, we are providing radios to those who otherwise might never hear the gospel.

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Special Projects

Help support The Tide with additional projects in India, United States, and Zimbabwe.

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Dinner Contribution

Those who were unable to attend any of The Tide Partner Appreciation Banquets can still make a contribution towards The Tide international radio ministry.

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